Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poverty. How do you define it, what is it?

Here are some definitions of poverty, offer your feedback if you wish...

“Poverty is experienced by people who are limited in choice.  Economic poverty is limited ability to meet basic needs.  Spiritual poverty is limited knowledge of God.  Poverty dehumanizes people, so that they believe that the problems that they face need to be solved by somebody else”  Francis Njoroge – Kenya

“Poverty is powerlessness.  It is about people being unable to meet their own basic human needs.  Most often this is due to lack of opportunity in a society marked by oppression and injustice which has led to disempowerment.  The poor and non-poor are people created in the image of God, who are designed to meet their own socioeconomic, personal, social, cultural, and spiritual needs.  Poverty is powerlessness to fulfill that God-given role.”  Rene Padilla, Argentina

“Poverty is one of humanity’s biggest problems.  It is often a result of social corruption, war, physical or economic disaster, or personal irresponsibility.  Its underlying cause is sin, usually committed against those affected by it, and not by themselves.  It is a painful, fearful, hopeless and vulnerable way of life due to exploitation, isolation, lack of choice and powerlessness.”  Saul Cruz-Ramos – Mexico

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  1. One of my friends from Ktown, actually he came for Mexican to my birthday that time, asks, which came first, poverty or corruption? I think he said he holds the more conservative view that corruption causes poverty, but others have argued that poverty causes corruption.